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Homemade Vegan Soy Butter

Vegan Soy Butter

Homemade vegan butter is very simple to prepare. There are several ways to make it but this version made with soy milk and coconut oil is visually more similar to cow's butter with a different and more delicate taste. With this recipe you get 500 g of soy vegan butter that can be used just like traditional butter.


150 grams of soymilk

300 gr of coconut oil

30 gr of lemon juice


To prepare the soy vegan butter, first pour the soymilk into a jug. Then add the coconut oil and lemon juice.

With a blender mix it all until you get a smooth cream. At this point, take a butter mold or a rectangular plastic container and line it with plastic film.Pour the mixture inside and let it solidify for at least 3 hours in the refrigerator. After this time, turn the container upside down and press and tap lightly to remove the contents from the box. Remove the film and use your soy vegan butter just like regular butter or to prepare sweet and savory dishes. With the same procedure you can make butter by replacing soy milk with coconut milk or experimenting with other oils for different flavors and creaminess.

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